The importance of ID cards and how they affect your business

The importance of ID cards
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The functionality and variety of purposes in modern ID cards are not to be understated. Used for everything from driver identification to gym memberships, these badges are the way our society stores and shares data across their respective networks. When coupled with a database, they generally serve the purpose of organizing much of your day to day information, but can also be used alone purely for identification. Your business can take advantage of this, but first, you should understand their core capabilities.

Identifying your team

The simplest use for an “identification” card or badge would, of course, be its namesake. When entering the premises, physical security can request ID presentation and coworkers can be aware of who is and isn’t a guest in the workplace. Medical information can also be stored on the card to be used in case of a work mishap or as a replacement for a normal medical ID. This can invaluable to your employees.

Adding to the benefit of employee identification is a team building aspect akin to wearing a uniform. The card is a sign that one belongs in your place of work and this subtlety isn’t to be overlooked when building a workplace ethos and spirit of camaraderie.


Adding value to the card is the ability to easily limit or grant access to specific employees based on the ruleset of your organization. Card access control systems can be installed into your building. This coupled with a general employee or individual access tiers can keep the individuals you want in while keeping those you don’t out.

When used on your company’s network this can also be done to allow or restrict access to data on your servers. This can assist in protecting intellectual property. In this way, an ID card can be an integral part of your general plan for your company’s physical and data integrity.

Ease of timekeeping

Accurately recording the entrance and exit of your employees as well as their times can be done through the use of ID cards. Your company’s timekeeping functions can be rolled into its ID capabilities through swipe, RFID or other methods. This simplifies the process of timekeeping, leaving everything to the accountability and integrity of your employees while storing the data on your servers to be recalled on a later date if need be. This eliminates the need to fill, file and store physical logs saving your company and employees time and resources.

General record keeping and tracking trends

Big data has become a major theme when scaling businesses. When making decisions on how to move your organization forward, having the appropriate data will always be to your advantage. Required data can be gathered through the card and utilized to build appropriate data sets aiding in visualizing areas of success and failure.

Employee recognition

When addressing people, it always helps to be able to put a name to a face. If your company mandates employees wear their IDs in the open, they can be an easy method of building customer employee rapport. If your company is based in sales this should be looked into and taken advantage of.

Discounts with affiliates, Perks etc

Perks outside the workplace can be an added benefit to your employees and the ID card can be used to access them. These perks can come in the form of lower priced tickets when traveling, gym memberships, discounts at affiliated businesses, restaurants, and stores or even room keys to hotels when traveling for the company. The cards can be used to access guest only events, participate in company votes or even double as a gift card. The options are only limited by company affiliation and creativity.

Workplace identity

Workplace ID cards project professionalism and are a key reminder that the individual has been integrated into your organization. This means they’re more than an individual. They’ve become part of a team serving a purpose greater than themselves.

Ownership of a company ID badge assumes the individual will present themselves in a respectful manner. An ID is a great way to set the tone of your company for employees and those who interact with them.

Where to source your cards from

Now that you’re aware of the capabilities ID cards have and how they can be integrated to into your organization you’re left with the question of where to find the right choice. The answer to this question lies in which functions specifically you plan to implement. When making the choice keep in mind whether or not you wish to expand on your system and the capability of your cards in the future. If you’re looking for a good place to start check out these custom ID badges at