Sony MDR-NC200D Digital Headphones Review

Sony MDR-NC200D
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When I search online to find a high quality set of headphones, I look for something durable, comfortable, but most importantly… a set that keeps background noise at bay and provides me with the best sound quality. Sony has long been a prominent and desirable name in the electronics market for eons, which seemed like a good place to start.

Groundbreaking headphones

The first thing I found out about the Sony MDR-NC200D digital headphones was how they were the first headphones in the world with digital technology for precise noise cancelling. Everyone is on that tip at the moment, but it was Sony that founded this ground-breaking technology, making them some of the best digital headphones in the world.

Everywhere I go, the wife is nagging, the kids are causing chaos, cars are rushing by and there is always something loud and intrusive penetrating my eardrums. The first thing I did when the wife raised her voice was to try out these new headphones and I was instantly transformed into a world of calm and tranquility. It’s safe to say the noise cancelling function worked a treat and maybe even saved my relationship!

The reviews for these digital headphones were extremely favorable and lived up to their expectations. The best part about the artificial intelligence (AI) noise cancelling function is there are 3 completely different environmental modes to cancel out a wide range of frequencies with up to 99.7% noise reduction at 160Hz.

Listening to music in style

The internal Li-lon battery gave me usage up to 16 hours, while also giving me the option of using a single AA battery for even longer time periods. The built-in monitor switch let me quickly silence the audio so I could eavesdrop on conversations around me.

The headphones have a lightweight design, and as I travel quite a lot for my work, were easy to transport and also with the incredible noise cancellation, were ideal for plane and train journeys. The product benefits from digital signal processing technology, which was suitable for an optimal listening environment.

The overriding feature of this Sony headphone set was the quality of the sound. I suppose that’s what you come to expect from a company such as Sony, but it was nice to know that they still operate on a very high quality level. When I buy headphones, I expect the sound to be loud and true, and that’s exactly what I got from my newly purchased Sony MDR-NC200D.

The Verdict

As we might have already known, the exceptional sound quality of these headphones lives up to the Sony brand name. With the world’s first noise reduction and cancelling technology that reduces background noise on certain frequency ranges to 99.7%, a lightweight design that is easy to carry and comfortable to wear, if you are looking for quality headphones for your music player and other multimedia devices, Sony is reliable and durable, while at the same time helping you to enjoy the ultimate music-listening experience. These headphones are highly recommended.