Sleep Innovations SureTemp 12″ Review

Sleep Innovations SureTemp 12″
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The Sleep Innovations SureTemp 12″memory foam mattress has especially been designed to provide a nice night’s sleep. The mattress is soft and has a wonderful feel. It also comes with an extra layer that provides outstanding support and gives a therapeutic effect. When a person lies on this mattress he or she is going to enjoy their best night’s sleep on it.

Very Versatile

The nice thing about the Sleep Innovations SureTemp 12″ memory foam mattress is that it is very versatile. It comes with a host of features including a better airflow that helps in maintaining temperature of the foam and makes users enjoy a cool and comfortable time on the mattress.

When a person lies on a mattress he or she can expect the mattress to properly align with their body and will not make too many movements when users are busy sleeping. Most importantly, people who are thinking about buying a mattress will be looking for mattresses, which give them relief from whatever aches, and pains they are feeling. The nice thing about this mattress is that it is hypoallergenic and it is also resistant to dust-mites. Best of all, it creates a very healthy environment. This is a unique mattress that comes with some very impressive features and it represents good value for money, especially as it is backed by a 20-year limited warranty. Here is a look at some of the pros and cons of the Sleep Innovations SureTemp 12″ memory foam mattress.


This is a memory mattress that works perfectly. At the same time, it also provides the body with excellent support and makes it easy for people to sleep well at night. Irrespective of the body weight and the sleeping position, this mattress is designed to provide excellent support. Also, it is different to other similar mattresses in that it maintains the ideal temperature and will not retain heat. The end result is that it offers a very cooling effect that makes it possible for the mattress to dissipate heat from both the body as well as from the foam. The best part is that it does not cause any discomfort and it also does not produce any body aches either. The bottom line is that this is an exceptionally good and perfect mattress.


The one thing that makes this mattress less than perfect is that it makes one feel that the mattress is too firm. This firmness prevents the mattress from giving perfect comfort and it also takes away from some of the therapeutic effects of the mattress. Also, the airflow does not completely help in retaining heat on the foam. This may be because the mattress is too firm. This makes the mattress warm and that is not what people want.


The bottom line is that the Sleep Innovations SureTemp 12″ memory foam mattress will allow people to indulge themselves and it provides a number of benefits that are hard to ignore. The extra comfort and the body therapy will translate into the perfect sleeping experience. So, if it is a good night’s sleep that is important, then be sure to check this mattress out at Fine Dreams,  you won’t regret it.