Recaro Performance Toddler Car Seat Review

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When it comes to choosing a car, most people dedicate a lot of time weighing up their budget against performance, value, safety and comfort. If people put the same effort into choosing a car seat for their child, most people would probably have one of these. Take a look at the competition out there (and there are some great children’s car seats around) and you’ll probably agree with me that this is the best toddler car seat on the market. The Recaro Performance Toddler Car Seat is the Rolls-Royce of the toddler seat world.

What do I need to know about this seat?

Well, most importantly, it meets all the new FMVSS 213 safety standards with full-body side impact protection and metal-reinforced side wings to protect your child’s entire body in the event of an accident. This is actually racing seat technology developed by the German manufacturer, Recaro, over four decades. This seat uses German technology but it’s built in the USA. The harness system positions the shoulder pads to fit your little one’s head, neck and shoulders appropriately without causing any twisting or sliding.

For comfort, there’s a cushion, and the seat uses memory foam so it doesn’t feel like it needs to be ‘broken in’ every time. Temperature balancing fabrics and air ventilation mean that your child won’t feel too hot, even if the sun has been shining on the seat.

Even better, if your child gets so attached to the comfort of their car seat, you can take it on a flight, too! It’s FAA approved so no need to endure tears in the air anymore!

Is it suitable for all children? 

It’s not suitable for the youngest and smallest of children, but if your child is one year-old or over, it will probably be a good match. The weight and height ranges for use with the harness is 20 to 90 pounds and 27 to 50 inches. With the booster those ranges become 30 to 120 pounds and 37 to 59 inches.

The seat itself weighs 25 pounds and measures 18 x 18 x 30.5 inches and so should comfortably fit in most vehicles.

What’s so great about it then?

Well, where to start? The Recaro Performance Toddler Car Seat is extremely well made and offers the best protection available to your child while traveling in your vehicle. It fits well into most vehicles without any issues and is also a great fit for kids: The weight and height ranges of this seat are wider than I have seen for any other seat. That means that whether your child is big or small, heavy or light, they will be given the same protection by this seat.

So what’s the catch? 

This product is pretty awesome, but nothing, of course, is perfect. The few complaints that are made about this particular seat have concerned the size of the sides – for smaller children they can obstruct their view out of the car’s side window.

A less common complaint is that the back of the seat is particularly straight and some children find it difficult to sleep on.

The final word

This is definitely one of the very best child car seats that I have seen on the market. And it’s not just me – Amazon customers currently rate this product with 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars – also one of the highest ratings out there. I hope this review has been helpful!