Protecting Your Child’s iPad from Damage

Protecting Your Childs iPad from Damage
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Buying your kids an iPad is a big investment. But, “everyone has one”, as the kids say, and your kids don’t want to be left out. Kids being kids, they’re likely to drop the iPad frequently, so you’ll want to invest in a sturdy case or cover that will help protect the unit from shock damage. But, there are so many cases on the market, how can you choose the one that’s right for your child?

Read Reviews

Reading product reviews will give you a good indication of whether the case is sturdy enough for your needs. There are several you can check out at Pay special attention to review that mention children and how the case performed under hard use.

Getting the Right Case

When shopping for an iPad case, make sure you’re looking at the right ones. The iPad come in a Pro and Mini version, so cases are not one-size-fits-all. Though some case styles might be available for multiple versions, make sure you click on the right model when you click ‘buy’.

When Style Outweighs Benefits

Some of the best cases for the iPad are tough, military-looking cases. But, these often offer the best protection for the tablet. So, if aesthetics doesn’t concern you, take a closer look at these types of cases. You’ll probably pay more for them, but the shock protection is worth it.

Consider Your Budget

Many accessories for the iPad are pricey, so you’ll have to consider your budget when buying a case. And, keep in mind that your child may end up breaking the case (which you’d rather they do than breaking the tablet), meaning you’ll likely end up replacing it at least once.

Does Brand Matter?

Otterbox makes excellent cases for phones and tablets, but they do cost an arm and a leg. But, they do make a quality product and offer a decent warranty on all their products. So, it’s up to you whether you grab a name brand case or find one that’s an off brand (especially if your child is prone to breaking cases).

Pulling Double Duty

Many iPad cases double as stands, so if you have a child who likes to watch videos on the tablet, a case like this might be ideal. It will allow your kid to set the iPad on a table or shelf, so they don’t have to hold it. This might just protect the iPad; kids are known to get rambunctious at the drop of a hat, and if the tablet is on a shelf, it won’t go flying. But, keep in mind the stands can break off the case, too.

There’s also a case for some iPads that have a keyboard and let the iPad be used like a laptop, so if you have an older child who does homework on their iPad, this might be an ideal choice.

Front or Back Coverage

Not all cases offer full front and back coverage. For a child’s iPad, a full case is what you would want to consider. Cases that cover the back will offer more shock protection.

Smart Cases

These contain a magnet that will put the iPad to sleep when the case is closed. This is ideal for younger children who will probably forget to turn off the screen when they’re not using it. It will save their battery power, and they’ll eventually thank you for it!

Case Extras

Some cases will offer slots where you could add a business card or some other identifying item in case your child loses the iPad. This might help you recover the item (especially if you password protect it, making it more difficult for someone else to use it).

Add a Screen Protector

If your case doesn’t come with a screen protector, add one, preferably one made of glass. The premise is that the protector will crack or shatter while preventing the iPad screen from being damaged. These glass screen protectors also reduce scratches to the screen, a definite plus on a unit being used by a kid.

Consider Insuring the Device

Whenever you’re dropping this much money for a device, for yourself or your child, you should take out the insurance on it. This way, if your iPad is damaged in a freak accident, no matter whether you have a case on it or not, it should be covered under your insurance policy.

Kids these days all want an iPad. But, as parent, we know that kids don’t always take care of their things. When you’re giving your child an item that costs as much as an iPad, you’ll want to take steps to prevent damage to the screen and unit. Be careful when ordering a case or protective cover for your child’s iPad, since there are several varieties of the tablet. And consider insuring it; your insurance will likely end up paying for itself.