Pinning Your Way to Business Promotion

Pinning Your Way to Business Promotion
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When you think of Pinterest, you probably imagine the wedding that your sister-in-law is planning, or you remember those weird mason jar salads your coworker keeps bringing to work. It’s a site for crafts and recipes, and it really doesn’t cater to a varied population. Or does it?

Pinterest isn’t just hobbies and craft ideas. It’s full of useful information, making it a great resource for learning, and it’s got hundreds of pins for just about any niche you can think of. Because of its vast resources, Pinterest is pulling in millions (that’s right millions!) of users month. 75 million, to be exact, and that number is growing.

There are over 50 billion unique pins, and two-thirds of these pins show off the services of various brands and products. What’s even more interesting is that 93% of active users said they like to use Pinterest to figure out things they’d like to buy, and 87% have purchased something because they saw it on Pinterest and just “had to have it.” In fact, 2 million shopping pins are added to personal boards every day.

What does all this equate to, though?

For the average business person, all this data means that Pinterest provides an avenue for growth and business promotion that you probably haven’t considered exploring. It’s understandable. On the face, Pinterest looks to be a site for homemakers and party planners. In reality, though, that’s only a small portion of the Pinterest content. There is a massive venue to promote just about any kind of business you can think of.

It’s all a matter of getting started.

Once you’ve got your account set up, which is a standard account creation process, you’ll be brought to your home page. On the bottom right of the screen, you’ll see a button with a “+” sign. That’s going to be the go-to button for adding pins. There are two options: upload a pin or save a pin from a website. Depending on what you want to add, you can choose either and follow the guided process of adding your pin.

One important step in this process is to add a description of the pin. That will help Pinterest users to be better able to find your pins based on their search terms. It’s an extra step that’s not really required, but it’ll pay off when more people can find what you’ve pinned.

If you’re nervous about using a site you’re not really familiar with, or if you feel unsure of your ability to take on yet another task in your already busy schedule, you can use something called a PinBot. If you’d like more information on those, take a look at how these PinBots work and what they have to offer in terms of growing your audience.

When it comes to promoting your business on Pinterest, here are four boards that you need to have:

    1. Show off your business. Create a board that’s devoted solely to your product. What kinds of services do you offer? What does your company sell? What do you have to offer? By having all of those things within a single board, users will be able to easily peruse your company’s product, and it will help drive more traffic to your website. That’s business promotion at its very basic.
    1. Link to your blog. You work hard to create those awesome blog posts that explore all the nooks and crannies of your business field. Why not promote that, as well? Each time you create a new blog post, you can create a pin to help drive more traffic to your content. Even more, you might pull in some new readers who’ve been searching Pinterest for the types of resources you have to offer.
    1. Create a go-to board for resources. In addition to showing off your blog posts, you can link to other blogs, articles, videos, and resources relating to your field. People love to follow boards that lead them to new content, so this is a great opportunity to expand your audience. Even more, you can give yourself a bit more authority in your area of expertise. Pin those helpful and relevant resources, and make you Pinterest boards a valuable resource for your followers.
    1. It’s not just about online content. This is especially true if you’re a small business. Think about your location and the businesses around you. By partnering up, you can help create a small network of pinning and re-pinning within your community. You’ll spread their content, and they’ll spread yours. Audiences grow all around, and everyone benefits. Plus, you can include special content that features your city, which gives people a great reason to travel to you.

Clearly, Pinterest offers more to users than just the average recipe for a perfect casserole or different ways to decorate a table at a wedding reception. There is a real opportunity for growth, expansion, and promotion. Let Pinterest spark the interest of your future customers.