Oster TSSTTVDGXL-SHP Toaster Oven Review

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For their sheer convenience of being able to cook a huge variety of foods in a small, compact machine, toaster ovens are becoming more and more popular. They can save you time and space in your kitchen so if either of those are at a premium in your life then you should consider getting one! This review will be looking at the Oster Toaster Oven and telling you the pro’s, con’s, and predominant features is has.. 


This toaster can hold up to six slices of toast and has a capacity large enough to cook other items of food as well. It uses convection technology to ensure and even cook throughout whether you choose to make pizza, a casserole, or even a simple slice of toast! This Oster machine also includes a duel oven rack, which means that you can cook twice as much food as you can in other similar ovens. To really show of its versatility this toaster oven also has a defrost setting alongside a built in 90 minute timer and auto shut off system which prevents your food from becoming overdone.


Designed to suit any kitchen, the brushed stainless steel casing which houses the oven won’t look out of place on any countertop. This oven is in the mid-range where size is concerned and stands at 16.7 x 24 x 21.5 inches. It is however rather hefty as it weighs 26 pounds out of the box. This could pose problems if you were planning to use it in more than one location. Oster have designed this oven in a way as to maximize the actual internal cooking space. The chamber dimensions are 15.75 inches wide by 16.36 inches deep so there is a lot of room to cook and get creative. 


This oven is large enough to cook a whole meal in at once, as it has two layers which can cook different food types at the same time. This is a distinct advantage over other similar ovens. The convection technology should also ensure that your food is always cooked well and cooked throughout whenever you choose to use the oven. It is well designed, and has an abundance of other features which other oven makers have not included in their machines. 


A short power cord and the weight of 26 pounds are two of the main issues with this toaster oven. The other is the temperature it can rise to when in use. There have been complaints that exposed parts of the oven heat up to the same temperatures as inside the oven, and this can obviously become very dangerous, especially if the home in which it is being used is home to small children. It may have a few negative points, but to look at it against others you can visit www.ourtoasterovensite.com/ to find out more.


Oster’s oven does have a lot going for it but is not without its flaws. Whilst it is large enough to ensure that you are able to cook almost anything you wish in it, this large capacity means a lot of weight and that could pose cumbersome if you intend to move it beyond your kitchen. It will make a welcome and useful addition to any kitchen sideboard, but only so long as you intend to keep it there!