Need Help Archiving your Emails?

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Your iPhone. What does it look like? How many apps do you have? More importantly, what does your inbox look like? What’s the number in that little red notification floating on top of your inbox icon? Don’t lie. It’s a lot, right? Like, a huge amount – over one hundred at least. Unless you’re type A to a tee or have OCD like me, I’m going to hazard a guess that your inbox is extremely unorganised. The more emails you get in there and the bigger that little red notification number grows, the longer you ignore it. Maybe until you implode and decide to do something about it. But more often than not, you won’t. You’ll just leave it like that until it becomes embarrassing and you won’t let your spouse look through your photos anymore for fear of seeing it. I know it’s there. And this goes for your business emails too – I know they’re just as bad.

Well, the internet is a wonderful place, full of a plethora of amazing tools that are designed to make your life just that much easier. There’s the Instagram bot that posts scheduled pics up for you so that you can spend more time zombie-scrolling. There’s ways to make most of the things you do online automated, including you emails. You could¬†try a service to archive your emails.¬†Cloud Solutions is the holy grail of email archiving services, focussing on being the activator in the relationship so you can continue to procrastinate all those things that you don’t really want to do.

Beyond personal issues around being organised in your private life, having an organised, chronological archive of emails is actually also really important for businesses as well. It is now so much more cost-effective for businesses to pay a relatively low price for software that will do the job correctly, automatically and efficiently, than to pay someone hourly to do the same job. Human error is also a factor in allocating this type of work to a person, but with automatic software like Cloud Solutions, you can take human error out of the equation.

Here’s why archiving emails for businesses is so important. There are data storage compliances that companies need to adhere to, hence why there is so much at stake when manually archiving business emails. With laws such as the Data Protection Act 1998 looming over your business, it’s no wonder why it’s a good idea to ensure that your business emails are archived correctly and properly, fitting in with the strict regulations that are enforced by the legality of owning and running a business.

Another reason why archiving your business emails automatically is important – and helpful – is the software’s ability to delete replicates and sort through unwanted data, so that you can manage the amount of email data actually being stored. Cloud Solution can be another helpful way of reducing the volume of email data that must be stored (ahem, prick up your ears here for that personal account too), doing this by keeping only one template of an attachment that occurs over multiple emails. This makes for an incredibly efficient way to store email data.

Spending lots of time, money and energy organising and filing away screeds of emails is not something that anybody wants to spend their time doing. Businesses are constantly on the look-out for new, smart ways that they can save time, because time is money. With email archiving services like Cloud Solutions, you can reduce the amount of time and money you spend getting someone to labour over that pesky mountain of emails and instead know that your business’s emails are being safely and properly stored while staying within compliance. And as for that personal inbox of yours, I know you haven’t spent ANY time or money on it so far, so maybe there’s no time like the present to sift through all that junk and find Aunt Judy’s Happy Birthday email that you haven’t even opened yet. However you use it and whatever you use it for, you’ll be glad you made the investment and rest easy knowing your emails are in safe, encrypted hands.