Neck Pin At Work: What You Need to Do

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We have all experienced some neck pain after sitting at the workstation for longer than normal. You know how it comes about – you have been working on a project for the past one week and making the right progress. The next thing you know is that your neck is suddenly stiff and sore. Let us look at a few factors that cause neck pain and how to treat it.

Strain From Poor Posture

You need to maintain proper posture all through the task while working on the computer. Many people sit at their computer without minding of the posture, only to suffer neck pain at the end. Sadly, sitting for long in a certain posture leads to strain in the neck, shoulders and the back.

Setup of Your Desk

Your desk forms a critical component of your workstation, but when wrongly set up, it can add unnecessary strain on the neck. This is true especially for a high desk or one that is too low.

Your Monitor Setup

Another cause of neck pain is the computer monitor. It should be placed slightly below the eye level to help you maintain a neutral position for the neck.

The Office Chair

It is crucial that you invest in a proper office chair that not only supports the back but the neck as well. The chair must offer an adjustable headrest.

Now that we know the various possible causes of neck pain, we can go ahead to see the approaches that can help you treat the pain.

    1. Ergonomics at Work

Whatever the cause of the neck pain, ergonomics can help you prevent the pain. Ergonomics can help you fit the work environment in such a way that you don’t put your neck at risk. If you sit in front of a computer all day, ergonomics considers how the chair, desk and the computer monitor can be strategically placed to put less stress on your neck.

    1. Use Hot or Cold Packs

These are traditionally used when the injury has set in. Cold packs and other kinds of cold therapy are suitable for the first 24 hours after the injury. This cold pack helps reduce swelling and inflammation.

Heat is ideal after the 24 hours, because it opens up your blood vessels, makes the muscles less tight and increases your range of motion.


Once you have the perfect posture and you have your workstation in order, you need to take frequent breaks, taking a break once each hour helps reduce the chronic pain and keeps the blood flowing. It also gives you a break you need to reduce the tension that has to build up, both mentally and physically.

Use Cervical Traction Devices

If you are experiencing neck pain, the use of cervical traction can be good therapy. During traction, these devices take the tension that has been placed on the neck and then pulls is away from your neck. The goal is for the devices to make the muscles relax and any pinched nerves to get released.

You can choose between several methods to stretch out the spine, including manual traction and mechanical traction. The specifics of the traction procedure depend on the pain source in the neck. The traction uses some form of weight to pull the weight, either intermittently or continuously.

Traction is an interesting topic, and you need to know more about it before you make the ultimate decision. You can work with experts, for instance, they talk about traction over at Free Your Spine. Read more and find out what devices are suitable for your needs.

In Closing

Neck pain won’t allow you to work the way you should – you need to make sure you find a way to prevent it or treat it.