Luma Comfort IM200SS Ice Maker Review

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Ice Makers Done Right

I know what you’re thinking, and it probably has to do with me getting all crazy about ice makers. The way I look at it, you’ll always find a reason to purchase a product, even if you don’t have a real need for it. The thing about ice makers, is that they’re still going to be useful in just about every single persons life. No matter what, you’ll have a need for ice at some point.

So, Why Would I Need Ice?

That’s a question that you can pretty much answer for yourself, but I’ll still get into it a little bit. The best ice makers will have many different features, and there are reviews out there that will tip the best ones off to you as well. You can use ice to top off the drink that you’re enjoying by the pool, or shave some up and create a snow cone at home. I’ve tried making snow cones by myself and it’s wonderful.


Websites like the one I find myself looking at ( always explain the features in detail. This is an ice maker that can make up to 28 pounds of ice on your average day, while a lot of the competing products won’t even come close to that. It has a very sleek and stainless steel finish, so rust shouldn’t be creeping up on you anytime soon – if it does, I really don’t know how you managed it. It makes some of the most crystal clear cubes you could imagine, it’s almost like you were getting ice cubes from a restaurant! All you have to do is plug it in and you’re good to go, there’s no need for customized plumbing.

Is It Good, Or No?


The sleek finish makes it so that your kitchen will be brought together with an ice maker like this one. 28 pounds of ice being produced every single day is enough to work with in almost any situation, unless you have some sort of need for hundreds of pounds of ice. Plugging it in is all you need to do in order to make use of the ice maker, and it’s really modern with the design.


The inside water reservoir isn’t made up of stainless steel, so there’s a risk of it actually rusting up on you. It didn’t happen in my case, but I can imagine it happening, and it’s something I noticed almost right away.

How I Really Feel: Summary

This is an ice maker that will make legitimate cubes, as opposed to just small little pebbles that try to pass themselves off as ice. I appreciated that its an ice maker handling the little things, something you don’t see often enough in the world today. I loved how it performed, and I never had any major problems throughout the month or so I was making ice with it. There might be a better option out there, but I definitely haven’t seen it.