Live or Studio Recording? Here is a The Perfect Microphone for You

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I possess a background in audio engineering and I also sing as a backup singer in a band in the city. A few weeks ago I decided to sing lead vocals for the first time in several years. Being obsessed with singing, I am always for high-quality audio especially when it comes to the sound that I produce. Further research led me to buy the Heil PR35 for this special moment, and what I got was perfect sound, low feedback, perfect highs and lows and a stunning design.

The Design

My first impression about this mic was a downgrade from the PR 30 due to its size. Heil took the same huge diaphragm from the PE 30 and squeezed it into the smaller handheld chassis of the PR 35, making sure this mic delivers the same vocals, albeit more powerful than the PR 30. Being an engineering guy, I proceeded to unscrew the windscreen to see how the large capsule managed to fit into such a compact mic body. I realized there isn’t any air within the windscreen because the shock mount and the capsule take up nearly the whole space.

The feel is unique as well, with the rubberized grip and small size distinguishing the mic from most mics on the market. The use of a special magnet assists this mic to achieve the exceptional performance you seek. A specially designed and positioned hum bucking coil gives you the luxury of placing the mic near monitors without the annoying buzz or hum.

The mic comes with a mic clip for easier handling, though you still have enough surface to grip it. The small, compact size makes it ideal for use within small guitar-amp setups and tight drum kits. You also get a padded leatherette case for carrying the mic to protect it during transit or storage.

Enjoy a Wide Frequency

Although innovatively designed with extra venting to handle the super-cardioids polar pattern, the reason this mic produces beautiful sound lies in the design of the mic’s voice-coil assemblies and dynamic motor. The trick for producing flawless sound lies in the use of Neodymium-iron-boron to produce the magnetic field intensity. This makes it possible for the large diaphragm to use a few turns of magnetic coils, making it handle a wider frequency as compared to other mics.


I found out that I was operating a mic with a rated frequency response between 40 Hz and 18 KHz. This mic weighs 10.5 ounces and measures 7.67 in length. I performed listening tests in my own voice and shouted as loud as I could but couldn’t get any distortion. This frequency response makes this mic ideal for both percussive applications and ultra-high frequency sources like cymbals.

The Heil Sound PR 35 is extremely versatile. It gives you a huge ability of rear rejection while exhibiting no off-axis coloration. This means you get a mic that offers you superior supercardioid properties as well as omni features all bundled in one. You can use it for recording, commercial broadcast projects and live sound reinforcement applications. If you are seeking for a smooth response over a wide frequency, this is your mic.

The Response

I got mixed responses from my band members and the crowd as well. Most artistes are used to hear proximity effects from the mic, but most only had praises. However, all of them identified the bass extension and the distinct mid range from this mic.

Those keen on the design lauded the rubberized grip, with a few threatening to steal the mic away from me anytime I would put it down. At first, most of the other musicians doubted the size of the mic, but with time they started wondering how such perfect sound can come from such a small mic.

This mic comes with a 3-positin roll-off switch, one at the flat position, the second rolling of at approximately -3 dB and the last position rolling off at approximately -6 dB. You can use this roll-off switch to shape any lows in the mic. If you are using a console, you get to benefit from the high-pass filter that works continuously to handle the lows.

One of the most interesting things I noticed was even with the flat roll-off position working while I performed on stage, a situation that was prone to let the lows run in feedback, the mic resisted catching a low-frequency feedback loop. This gave me a statement regarding the sound rejection quality of this mic.

The mic’s cardioids pattern gives the greatest sound rejection at approximately 180 degrees off axis, a point that is directly behind the mic. This means you get virtually no off-axis coloration.

The Gig

The first time I had to perform using the PR 35 was awesome. I had long used the SM 57 and had got used to the fact that nothing can beat it.  But the Heil PR 39 made me change my mind. The mic comes with a sound level that is higher than the SM and a clear voice on all spectrums. During the concert, I switched from pop to jazz to soul and then to some soft rock without losing the clarity.

Minimum Proximity Effect

Heil paid special attention to the extra-vital phasing plug assembly that incorporates ports placed an equal distance, so that the ports can sense the sound even from behind the source. The sound then enters the ports out of phase, resulting in a perfect linear cardioids pattern. This fact helps reduce the proximity effect while giving you a similar articulation across the wide frequency response.

Due to the minimum proximity effect, you can use this mic in high sound pressure environments without worrying about overload. Whether for live performance or studio recording, you can achieve a smooth audio response without the need for phantom or external DC power supply.

Final Words

The Heil PR 35 gives you as a sound engineer or a vocalist that “extra thing” you have been looking for. It adds presence, quality, and clarity to your voice regardless of the genre you are into. Anyone who has done a fair amount of gigs knows how frustrating it is to get decent sound from an instrument. There can be a lot of frustrations especially when you are playing as part of a team where each sound matters. I am so happy to have come across the Heil PR 35 mic that allows me to let rip without minding about the overload. It is very detailed and open, in such a way that it might shock you at first, but stick with it for a second and you will experience near nirvana. Still not convinced? Here is another review that will make you order the PR 35 today.