How to Use Bluetooth Technology

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You have probably heard about bluetooth, and seen bluetooth devices but you may be wondering what it’s all about and how to use it.  As long as your device is bluetooth enabled, it is quite straightforward to use.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is Wireless Technology.  This means that things can be connected without needing any cables or wires.  It does this by creating a short-range network.  However, you don’t need to worry about your information been sent for miles.  Bluetooth is low power and has a range of around 10 metres.  Because it’s low power, this also means it won’t drain the battery on your mobile device.

Bluetooth exchanges data wirelessly over short distances without the need for a jungle of wires.  It is however very secure.  By default, Bluetooth devices are set as not visible.  This means other people can’t find your device.

How Do I Use Bluetooth?

You wouldn’t need to use Bluetooth for everything, but it is very useful for certain things.  You can use it to transfer files, including things like music and photos.

Because bluetooth connects two devices together, it is known as pairing.  If you want to use two devices together for the first time, you need to pair the devices.  For example, you would pair your mobile phone and bluetooth speakers.  Once they are paired, it is quick and easy to connect them together again.

When you’re pairing two devices for the first time, the first thing you need to do is to check that your device can use bluetooth.  If it can’t, you can buy something called a bluetooth dongle for some devices.  You may need to check the instruction manual for your device, but this is a general guide to using bluetooth.

  • Ensure both devices can use bluetooth.
  • Turn on bluetooth on both devices.
  • You may need to give one or both devices a name. This does make it easier to know that you have the correct device.
  • You need to ensure that one of the devices is ‘visible’ so nearby devices can pick up its signal.
  • Go to the device that is not set as visible and find the visible device in your bluetooth device list.
  • Tap to connect the device.
  • You may need to enter a pin on one or both of the devices.
  • Once you have paired your devices, they should immediately start working.

If you are having problems pairing 2 bluetooth devices, then the first thing is to check their distance apart. Then check that one of the devices is able to be discovered i.e. it is visible. It is also possible that there is some interference from other Wi-Fi which is preventing the two devices pairing successfully.

What Can You Connect with Bluetooth?

So you can see what great technology bluetooth is but you might be wondering what can you use it for?  Here are some great uses for bluetooth:

Portable speakers.  The internal speakers on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops are generally useless.  Bluetooth enables you to connect a portable speaker easily.  You can even connect a speaker so you can listen to music outside.  A really helpful site is Speaker Digitalwhere they review bluetooth speakers and advise you on which one to buy.

  • Probably the most popular use of bluetooth is to connect to a set of bluetooth headphones.  This means you can listen to music on the go without getting caught up in lengthy wires.
  • Drive hands free. If your car is bluetooth enabled, you can connect your phone up to your car stereo.  This means you can answer your phone and talk hands-free.  It also means you can play any playlist on your phone through your car stereo.  Or even listen to an audiobook.
  • Connect a keyboard or mouse. If you use a tablet and find it difficult to type on the touchscreen, you can connect a wireless keyboard.  This can be a great time saver and makes you far more productive.  You could also add a mouse to some devices.
  • Transfer information. Cloud synchronization is a great way of moving files around however if you’re not able to use it for any reason, you can transfer files between bluetooth enabled devices.

How to Use Bluetooth on a Laptop.

Most laptops have bluetooth functionality.  However, you may find that it’s not suitable for playing music on a bluetooth speaker.  bluetooth is normally used on a laptop to connect a keyboard or mouse.

The first step is to turn on bluetooth on your laptop.  Go to settings and then select devices and you should find the bluetooth option. Turn bluetooth on. Now turn on your bluetooth device. You should see the device in the list of bluetooth devices showing on your laptop. Select the required device from the list. Enter a pairing code if required. You are now up and running.

How to Use Bluetooth on a Mobile Phone or Tablet.

Again, you need to pair the device with your smartphone or tablet.

Find the settings app on your mobile device. Toggle the bluetooth to the ‘on’ position. Turn on your bluetooth speakers or headphones. They should appear in the list on the mobile device. Tap your speakers in the list to connect. Enter a pairing code if required. You have now connected your mobile device to a bluetooth device.

Bluetooth is a great technology and you can see that there are many good uses for it.  If you are unsure, just check to see if your device is bluetooth enabled.  And if it is, it opens up a world of opportunities.