Hamilton Beach 33967A Slow Cooker Review

Hamilton Beach 33967A Slow Cooker
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Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a Gordon Ramsey, or have a family to cook for on a daily basis and are looking for something a bit different? I like to cook, but at the same time I like to explore different appliances and methods for cooking meals. With this Hamilton Beach 33967A slow cooker, you can cook up top notch meals with a minimum amount of effort, just like it should be done.

It’s all about the timing

If you know your onions from your avocados, you will already know that cooking things slower over a longer period of time, especially meats, makes for the most succulent and tasty dishes imaginable. The only problem I had when using my oven to slow cook was I had to constantly keep checking my food because of spillage, which could dampen the flame on my gas oven and make mealtimes very dangerous.

With the Hamilton Beach 33967A slow cooker, all my issues and worries disintegrated, but fortunately my food didn’t! I could simply leave my slow cooker burning away, go out and come back a few hours later to see, and taste, the results. Nearly every review I read was highly complementary.

There are 3 settings for easy use, which includes probe, program and manual. There is a thermometer included for checking your meats, a clip-on spoon and a clip-tight gasket lid that eradicates spillages completely, which allowed me to stop worrying.

The probe function is ideal for cooking large cuts of meat, or even for recipes that need a certain temperature throughout.

Convenient and easy to use

I am normally intimidated by new appliances, but this product was easy to use. The thermometer read the temps of the food and displayed them on the control panel so you can keep check at all times. The design is quite compact and cozy, easy to transport, so you could take it to your friend’s house and show them how cooking is really done.

The 6 removable quartz stoneware crocks can fit a 6lb chicken or a 4lb roast, and with its wraparound features ensures even cooking with consistent results every time. The only problem I have with slow cookers is that I am impatient and always want to take the lid off to see how it is cooking, but that is a big no-no with slow cookers.

One time when I was using this product, I had a brief electricity outage, however, the product comes with a power interrupt protection function that keeps your food cooking for a short time period with no electricity, which makes this one of the best slow cookers you will find.

The Verdict

If you like to cook but find the slow cooking process a bit arduous, the Hamilton Beach 33967A slow cooker is a revolutionary appliance and one of the best around for cooking the most succulent and tender dishes with only a bit of effort. You can see the temperatures of your meat as and when they cook, and with the secure lid, you will have no spillages at all. I am now addicted to slow cooking.