Environmental friendly and cost effective ways to keep your house warm during cold seasons

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Keeping your house warm is an option you can’t ignore during the cold seasons. This can be achieved by using eco-friendly techniques that will ensure you keep the environment safe and at the same time keep your costs down. Here are some of the techniques you can use to keep your house warm while saving money.

Open fire

Although this may sound contrary to keeping the environment safe, using log makers to convert waste materials into logs can provide a good option for warming your house and heating water. Log makers compress waste materials into tight logs which burn slowly and provide less smoke. Logs made out of recycled materials are cheap since the raw materials are readily available as waste materials and have less impact on the environment. These logs can also stay dry for long since they are tightly compacted.

Solar heating system

This system uses the sun’s energy to warm your house or heat water. It is only effective in places where there is plenty of sun. The initial cost of installing solar heating system might be high but using it over time will save you a lot of money. Since the sun occurs naturally you will not be required to incur any other cost after installation apart from regular maintenance costs. However, solar heating system might require a substitute during the night and the winter season when there is no sun.

Using wool garments and duvets

Pure wool materials are more eco-friendly compared to synthetic ones. More so, they are much warmer therefore can save you a lot of heating bills. Using pure wool clothes and duvets will keep you warm through the cold weather at no extra cost.

Installing a gas heater

Gas heating systems use propane gas more often than not to produce energy to warm your house or boil water. Since propane is a natural occurring gas and is renewable, it offers a relatively cheaper solution for keeping your house warm and heating water compared to electricity. Conversely, this type of heating system requires an expertise of accredited engineers since it can easily cause fire hazard. Usually, plumbing services are required to install this system into your house. It is also recommended that when choosing an outfit to install this system for you, you should consider one which offers a guarantee for your product. This will save you a lot of costs when it comes to maintenance and servicing.  Companies such as eco heat plumbing can offer these services at a pocket friendly price.

To sum it up when looking for an option to keep your house warm you should consider eco-friendly and cost cutting methods. You can also make these methods more effective by considering heat conservation tips such us placing a rug on the floor of your house, using tankless water heating systems, insulating the walls and the floors of your house with a non-conductive materials and moving your furniture away from the heat radiators.