Cuisinart CPC-600AMX Pressure Cooker Review

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If like me you didn’t really know what a pressure cooker did then let me help you out. The basic principle is that the machines lock in steam to build up pressure. This pressure helps to create hotter temperatures, and as a result your food will be cooked a lot quicker and be a lot more moist thanks to all that steam! It’s amazing what a bit of hot water can do right? This review will be looking at one pressure cooker in particular, and that is the Cuisinart CPC-600AMX.

What can it do for me?

The whole point of pressure cookers is to save you time in the kitchen and this one is no different. By using this machine to cook, you can cut up to 70 percent of the normal cooking time off, as the steam and pressure technology involved creates heat a lot quicker than a normal oven. It is simple to use and has push-button controls which help utilize the digital display. The machine isn’t just useful for straight cooking as its features include settings for: browning, simmering, sautéing and warming food too! The features on this machine are a huge comparison to other similar machines available, so click to find out more.

Will it be worth having alongside my regular oven?

Whilst a normal, more conventional oven will never be replaced when it comes to cooking meals for the whole family, a pressure cooker could save you a lot of time if you are cooking smaller portions for one or two people. It can cook a joint of meat quicker, and ensure that it comes out a lot juicier than it would in your conventional oven too. This is no reflection of your cooking skills, just the technology inside the Cuisinart I promise. So the simple answer is yes, it does have a place in your home.

What are the positives?

This pressure cooker has an awful lot of positive attributes to go alongside it. I’ve already discussed the time it could save you when cooking and the flavour it can add to meals, but there are other features too which only add to its convenience. It has a built timer so you won’t ever overcook your meal, easy push buttons, cool stick handles to prevent any accidents and it is dishwasher safe so you don’t even have to worry about washing up after!

It can’t all be good though can it?

Like everything else in this world, the Cusinart would be too good to be true… if only it didn’t have some complaints to match its positive elements. Firstly, some customers have had concerns over the pressure levels inside the machine failing to reach the required levels. No pressure means no cooking, and with a machine as self explanatory as a pressure cooker, you can see why this is an issue. Should you try and rectify an issue you have with your cooker, then according to some reviews the customer service you will be met with is less than satisfactory. A couple of points for you to consider before you purchase maybe?

So, should I buy it?

For every one bad review of this pressure cooker there are ten good ones so overall I would say that it is a pretty solid choice. It can help you in the kitchen, and anything that can save you from exerting any extra effort after a hard days work is more than welcome if you ask me!