Clearwave Electronic Water Softener Review

Clearwave Electronic Water Softener
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I have lived in a hard water area for many years now, and have never really come to terms with it. I used to reside in soft water regions and the difference is immense. For no apparent reason, my heating and water systems began to work at a crawl, and it was only then I released that the lime scale build-up in my pipes had severely damaged my heating system, until I discovered the Clearwave electronic water softener system.

Lime scale build-up

It wasn’t until my water and heating systems started to fail that I found out about the negative impacts of living in a hard water region. The plumber’s quotation put the final nail in the coffin for me. I began to seek out cheaper alternative solutions for my problems, and when searching online I came across reviews for water softener systems, which changed my thinking immediately.

Apparently, lime scale is caused by hard water chemicals, and although you need some of those chemicals for health reasons, such as calcium, the Clearwave electronic water softener system seemed like my prayers were answered.

Not only does this water softener system stop lime scale build-up, but it also removes existing build-ups, which is exactly what I was seeking. The plumber was probably upset, but that is how life works. The product works on both hot and cold water systems, making it easier to wipe down and clean the ceramics, plastics, metal and glass surfaces.

Lime scale not only effects your heating system and pipes, but also causes scaly crusts and stains in the toilet or in and around your faucets, which are all attacked and eradicated by the Clearwave electronic water softener system.

Cutting down on plumbing bills

In all honesty, the plumber’s quotation was astronomical, forcing me to seek alternative options, and at the time I was upset and disappointed, but not anymore. It forced me to face and research my problem, which led me to this cost effective system.

Installing this product to my pipes and heating system had a positive knock-on effect on many things. I started using less soap, the entire system worked properly for a change, and I didn’t realize it at the time, but the product only uses about $5 electricity each year!

The Clearwave system is the most advanced and best computerized anti-scaling device available in the marketplace today with technology that bombards the waters’ passage through your pipes and heating system.

The Verdict

I initially purchased the Clearwave electronic water softener system after reading reviews on Water Softeners Now because I am a tight man and didn’t want to pay the plumber’s extortionate fees to fix my water heating system. I quickly realized that my problem came from living in a hard water area and the build-up of lime scale.

This product when installed, immediately eradicated my lime scale build-up and ensured it couldn’t happen again. Not only has the product saved me money, but my heating and water systems work more efficiently and the water seems softer and gentler than ever before.