Buying a Steam Cleaner

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Steam cleaning is becoming more and more popular. It is seen as an easy way to remove grease and bacteria whilst also ridding your house of allergens are dust mites. Steam cleaners don’t use detergent. This means you can save money by not buying expensive cleaning materials. This means that it is also better for the environment.

The best steam cleaners take the hard work out of cleaning your home. You also have the peace of mind of knowing that you have reduced bacteria and germs in your house. There are many great options of steam cleaner on the market at the minute. One of the most versatile is as this model can be used almost anywhere around the house.

What Does a Steam Cleaner Do?

A steam cleaner will clean your house without the aid of detergent. A dry steam is applied under pressure to your surfaces to lift dirt and grease. Be aware that some models will leave your surfaces wet so do your research first. There are three different types of steam cleaner depending whether you want your floors, your surfaces or both steam cleaned.

Types Of Steam Cleaner

The three main types of steam cleaner are steam mop, cylinder steam cleaner, or handheld steam cleaner. There is also a two in one steam cleaner that combines the steam mop with a handheld cleaner. This gives you extra versatility but does not have such good steaming power as the other models.

  • Steam mop. An upright steam mop is like a manual steam mop with a pivoting mop head on the bottom of the cleaning surface. They normally are fairly lightweight and easy to manoeuvre around your hard floors. Most steam mops produce steam for about 15 minutes of continuous use.
  • Cylinder steam cleaner. This is a wheeled device with a main body plus a hose and mop head. You can connect accessories to the hose meaning you can clean floors and other surfaces. They normally have a fairly large water tank so can steam for much longer. They can produce steam for around 30 to 40 minutes of use.
  • Hand-held steam cleaners. These are easy to carry around and give a burst of steam through a nozzle. They come with the range of attachments for different surfaces. These have a small water tank as they are only used for small areas like kitchen tiles or kitchen surfaces.

Steam Cleaner Features

If you are looking to buy a steam cleaner, there are some things you need to consider. First you need to decide what you’re going to clean with it. Many people buy steam mop and then wish they bought something to enable them to clean other areas of the house. Decide what you were going to clean with your steam cleaner first. Once you have decided on the type of steam cleaner, there are some other features you may want to consider.

  • Water tank. The capacity of the water tank can vary greatly from machine to machine. It will dictate how long you can steam before you need to stop. Once you’ve run out of water you need to let the cleaner cool down, open the water tank, refill, then allow it to heat up again. This can be a fairly lengthy process so capacity is an important feature.
  • Heat up time. This is how long before the steam cleaner is ready to steam. Generally steam mops are the fastest to heat up.
  • Steaming time. The steaming time is how long you will be able to steam. As the hand-held steam cleaners are so light, they don’t steam for long as they only have a small tank. A cylinder steam cleaner has a larger tank and can steam for longer.

Steam Cleaner Accessories

Attachments are available so you can clean more easily. Steam mops don’t have attachments as they only have one use but cylinder or handheld cleaners can come with a range of accessories.

  • Scrubbing brush. This enables you to remove grime and stains from tiles.
  • Upholstery tool. This is to treat stains and refresh fabric on sofas and curtains for example.
  • Scrubbing pad. This is useful for removing grease from ovens and hobs.
  • These are helpful as you can clean windows and other glass surfaces.