Breadman TR520 Bread Maker Review

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You’re the Breadman, Dude!

The brand name “Breadman” is one that’s going to stick with me for many years to come, because it just sounds so darn cool! I mean, it really does sound like some sort of super hero who is made out of bread, which while doesn’t sound all too “powerful” could still sell some shirts. Bread making is something that I used to do with my mother when I was small, except we didn’t get to use bread makers and such We would put all of the dough together ourselves, wait for everything to proof and then go about cooking it through the normal way – that being the oven.

How Does It Work?

Bread makers aren’t rockets, and you don’t have to be a scientist to work with them. I love bread makers because they have a lot to bring to the table, as your kitchen will never be blessed any better. I hated having to use my oven for making bread, especially since it was a process that took quite some time. I learned that the best bread makers would always make my bread in a timely fashion, which is why I learned to look at reviews.


This Breadman bread maker has a paddle that’s attached to the electrical cord, you can detach it, but you should be keeping track of it if you do. There are many different options programmed into the bread maker, so you don’t have to look up specific temperatures and techniques for when you want to make that special loaf. You have a choice between 3 different shades of crust, and there are 8 different functions that apply to both breads and dough. The 13-hour delay timer also comes in as one of the more efficient features. The baking pan is non-stick, and there is also a 1 year limited warranty that will keep you baking bread for at least an entire year.

My Pro’s & Con’s


There is always a section like this at, so I felt that it was only right to do it myself. This bread making machine creates 2 pound loaves effortlessly, and even a clumsy person (who has no kitchen experience, really, besides baking bread through an oven) like myself could use it. The 1 year warranty made sure that any problems would be ironed out with ease, and the bread itself is just down right good in regards to taste.


The recipes that come with this bread making machine might not be the best ones to use – I tried to use the recipe for pizza dough and had less than stellar results. When I used my own, however, it worked out great!

My Summary

It’s a good machine that will work with pretty much any ingredient you throw at it. It’s got nifty options that will cover every single kind of bread you would to make at home – you don’t even have to go to the grocery store anymore.