Bookstagram and Bots

Bookstagram and Bots
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If you’re a voracious reader and love blogging, you just might have what it takes to be a Bookstagrammer. Bookstagram is Instagram for books. You can do all of you reading and all of your views, and then advertise them on Instagram with beautiful pictures.

The first benefit is that you’ll have fun. After that, it’s the potential uptick in traffic to your original blog. You can advantage of the Instagram platform to attract followers and let the world know about the books you love. If you’re interested in how to get into Bookstagram or how to leverage the Instagram platform to increase traffic, keep reading.

What makes a #bookstagram

When the average person uses Instagram, they post about their lives. On their accounts, you’ll see their families, friends, the food they eat and probably a wealth of selfies. Professional accounts are usually more themed and organized showing things relevant to their business. This can become convoluted and difficult to manage.

For you, it’s far more simple. A bookstagram page shows books. Be it your desk, a shelf at a library or a stack of books, your favorite paperback companions are the focus. If you don’t want to, you don’t even have to be in the photos at all. Your contribution is a beautiful photo and some beautiful words to describe it.

Creating your own

This part probably goes without saying, but you’ll need a smartphone. It’s how you’ll access your newest hobby app. Preferably, that smartphone will have a good camera. Lugging around a DSLR or expensive point-and-shoot can be fun, but doing it all the time isn’t for everyone.

If you already have a blog, pick a username that matches if possible. If it’s taken, shoot for some similar, but not super long. Minimalism and ease of memorization (and typing) are the goals here. Get creative with your bio, but don’t worry about it too much and be sure to add your blog URL to. You literally only get one link on your page.

Your aesthetic

The visual appeal of your profile is important. This rings true for every type of Instagram account, but it’s more important for you. A unique and consistent theme can give your account a feel that others just don’t have. When you’re planning your bookstagram consider how you want it to make people feel, create a theme and be consistent.

Some simple ideas are pages that may be exclusively black and white. Some pages are more vibrant and use specific filters. Other pages use a consistent background, but change the subject of the photo. If you need inspiration, check out more popular pages and get an idea of how you want your page to be.

Getting your page out there

With the plan for your page in motion, the next step would be to upload content and begin networking on the platform to gain exposure. While your pages, success does rely on both og those being done, what if you only needed to focus on your content? The tireless networking can be left to apps.

Instagram bots

A bot can take on the task of liking, following and unfollowing pages to drive genuine engagement back to your page. This will save you time and enable you to think of more content ideas or keep your head in the books.

Apps like Instagress had a conrder on the market previously, but tons of alternatives are popping up. If you’re interested check out The 4 Best Instagress Alternatives for Your Business by The Small Business Blog.