Bluetooth Headphones: The Wave of the Future

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Remember the days gone by when you carried around a Sony Walkman and a set of wired headphones to listen to your music? We thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread! Taking your music on the go, that was the bomb. However, music technology has improved so much, and now we’re ‘unplugged’ with wireless Bluetooth headphones!

The Possibilities are Endless

Today’s Bluetooth headphones come in a wide variety of styles. So, whether you prefer the old-style headphones that completely covers your ears, or the earbuds that fit comfortably in your ear, there is something for you.

Some sport Bluetooth headphones are even water and sweat proof, enabling you to use them in the rain or at the gym. Many Bluetooth headsets can do double duty, allowing you to send text messages or talk on the phone without removing the unit.

Things to Consider

Battery Life

Bluetooth headphones are wireless, which means they rely on a battery. Consider the amount of time you spend listening to music. If it’s a lot, you’ll want to look for a unit with longer battery life. If you only listen during a workout or for short periods, one with a shorter battery life might be sufficient for you.

Earbuds or Over-the-Ear?

Some people prefer earbuds, but if you’re the type who doesn’t like having something in your ear, you might consider full over-the-ear speakers. However, people who wear glasses might find these headphones uncomfortable after a while.

Sound Quality

Different headphones have differences in sound quality, and usually, with better quality sound, you get a bigger price tag. If quality of sound isn’t a big issue for you, a mid-priced Bluetooth headset might work well for you.

Your Budget

Bluetooth headphones can range from $20 up to over $100 for the highest-priced models. A cheaper set is good in a pinch, but if you want quality, you can expect to pay for it.

Additional Features

There are other features you might want to consider. Some Bluetooth headphones can be paired with more than one device at a time, allowing you to switch from your phone to your tablet or laptop a breeze.

Some earbuds, such as the Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Headphones, seen at, have patented technology to keep the buds secure in the ear, even when you’re working out!

There are a few models out there that offer noise cancellation. This means they block surrounding noise so you don’t have to turn the volume up when listening to music. This is healthier for your ears.

One set of earbuds that is unique is the LG Tone Infinim HBS-900, which offers retractable earbuds. This ensures that your earbuds won’t get tangled with anything, and are safely stored until you’re ready to use them.

If you plan to use a Bluetooth headset for both music and phone calls, there are several models that offer built-in microphones, and are easy to use to answer your phone.

Sleep Headphones

These are unique Bluetooth headphones with speakers inserted in a cotton band, like a sweatband. They are comfortable to wear when sleeping. The speakers can be removed, allowing the headband to be washed.

How Do You Choose?

There are hundreds of Bluetooth headsets on the market today. Once you’ve considered what type you’re looking for, there will still be a lengthy list to surf through.

Do your research, and when you’ve narrowed down your choices, read the reviews on your short-listed units. See what other people say about their unit. Reviews can give you positive information and issues that may be a problem.

Talk to your friends or coworkers, and they’ll be likely to give you real-life advice about their favorite Bluetooth headphones.

Final Thoughts

Remember, Bluetooth headphones or earbuds are a piece of electronics. It’s not good to leave them in a hot or cold car for extended periods of time, as heat could damage the electronics and cold will drain a battery.

Many models are made to be rugged, especially those designed for sports or workouts, but they’re not built for getting tossed around. Keep them in a safe place. Make sure to put them out of reach of children or pets.

Properly cared for, Bluetooth headsets can give you years of listening pleasure. Make sure to keep them charged even if you’re not using them. Refer to your owner’s manual for more information on your chosen unit.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a set of Bluetooth headphones. Happy listening!