Best Motorcycle Gear for Beginners

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When you are new to the world of motorcycling, it can all be very daunting. There is a lot to learn and you seem to need to gain experience in a short space of time. Added to that, there is the cost of learning to ride and buying a bike. Then you need to buy the gear. This is not the time to skimp. If you can’t afford to buy all the gear you need, then don’t ride your bike until you can.

Wearing the correct gear when you ride your bike is just as important as knowing how to ride your bike. It is not all about safety too, you also need to be comfortable on your bike. Once you gain in confidence you will spend many hours on your bike. This will not be fun if you are cold, wet or uncomfortable.


Your helmet is the most important part of your kit. You should never buy a second-hand helmet or use a helmet that has been worn by somebody else.

  • Your helmet should fit properly not only for comfort but also for your safety. It can only offer you its full protection if it is correctly fitting. It should be snug fitting though not too tight to be uncomfortable.
  • You should always strap your helmet on. Make sure the straps fit correctly and are comfortable.
  • You need to protect your eyes from the weather and the debris from the road. This can be through goggles or the visor of your helmet.
  • If you damage your helmet in any way, you need to replace it immediately. You may not be able to see any damage but it should be replaced so you can rely on its protection.


Some people do ride without gloves, but do not be one of them. You need a balance of protecting your skin and being able to ride your bike. Check out for their guidance and reviews on the best glove choices.

  • You know how easy it is to hurt your hands if you just trip up. Now imagine coming off your bike with no gloves on. Gloves gives your hands vital protection.
  • Ensure they can be strapped in place as you don’t want them coming off in an accident.
  • Because of the speed of your movement whilst on a bike, your hands will get cold. Gloves will keep your hands warmer.
  • Cheap gloves won’t give you as much protection as better made gloves. Leather is the best material although modern materials add a level of waterproofing.
  • Before you buy gloves, check them out to ensure you still could ride a bike whilst wearing them. Don’t buy a pair that are so thick you can’t use your hands.


Not only do you need a jacket for safety, but also to protect you from the elements. You may well end up with more than one if you feel the need for a summer and winter jacket.

  • Don’t ever ride a bike without wearing a jacket to protect your skin.
  • Not only will you look cool but you will feel warm.
  • Leather is very traditional and will keep you warm. Man-made materials have other benefits so you could buy a lighter one for summer that can still offer you protection.


Many people choose to ride without wearing motorcycle trousers. This is mainly because there were no trousers that you could wear to walk around and look normal.

  • Even jeans won’t protect you in a crash. However, some manufacturers are making Kevlar lined jeans.
  • Leather pants are the best protection although pants made from a mix of material are available.


Again, boots are not worn by everyone but if you value your feet and toes, wear them.

  • They must be sturdy and protect your ankles.
  • You could wear sturdy work boots and these would be fine. However, full motorcycle boots are better, offer more protection and look great.

Don’t forget when you are looking for your motorcycle gear, that it is important that you are visible to other road users. Either buy clothing and equipment with reflective material or add extra reflective material.