Benefits of a Dot Peen Marking System

dot peen marking
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Benefits of a Dot Peen Marking System

A dot peen marking unit is an excellent way to add permanent and unique marks to wood, metal, plastics, and paper. The term dot peen refers to the way the unit uses a striker pin to make tiny dots on the surface to be marked. Think of the old dot matrix printers, which printed ink in the same way. Dot peen marking allows you to create your own logo, text, or two-dimensional data barcodes.
The dot peen engraver uses either electric or pneumatic pressure to activate the pin or pins, driving them down into the surface you’re marking. This offers you a deep and permanent mark intended to last and still be readable even after painting. You can use a dot peen marker on plastics and even hardened steel.

Using a dot peen marker is the perfect way to add your small business logo to the products you produce. You can create a unique logo and add it to the back of wooden crafts or to small parts you make to sell. Dot peen marking can even be applied to the back of artwork on paper or canvas.

Dot peen marking gives you the advantage of quick, easy use and you can control the depth of the mark. It’s less expensive than chemical etching and much quicker than hand engraving. Once you design your mark, you can program the unit and you’ll get the same mark each time you use it, unlike hand stamping. And laser stamping provides only a shallow mark.

There are three ways you can use dot peen marking. One is by using a bench unit, where you’ll have to take parts to the marker to add your logo. Or, you can get a handheld marker that you can take anywhere and use on larger parts. Plus, there are units you can integrate into your production line so parts are automatically stamped as they’re produced.

Bench Unit

These are usually mounted to a table so you’ll have to take parts to the machine to mark them. They’re large and sturdy and often come with several fixtures to accommodate different types of parts. You can also get different marking heads and carbide pins.

Portable Unit

A handheld dot peen marking unit gives you the flexibility to take the marker to large parts that aren’t easily handled by the bench unit. You can attach these to your laptop or tablet so you can still use your software to generate your unique mark.

Integrated Unit

You can add an integrated marking unit to your production line. They can attach to progressive assembly cells, robotic welding cells, leak detection systems, or inspection and measuring systems. This will streamline your process if you regularly produce parts that need to be marked.

The type of unit you choose will depend upon your intended use of the unit and what kind of manufacturing equipment, if any, you already have in place. If you’re working with large parts, like automotive parts, for example, you’ll probably want to invest in the handheld unit. For arts and woodworking, you might find the bench unit is your ideal marker. And if you regularly manufacture parts with an automated system, the integrated unit will probably be your choice.

Adding a dot peen marking system to your manufacturing process shouldn’t seem like a daunting task. The unit can help streamline your production if you produce parts regularly, but it can also be helpful if you do woodworking or crafts out of your home shop. It will enable you to add your own unique mark or bar code to your work.

And another benefit of a dot peen marker, especially a portable unit, is it will allow you to add a mark to household items such as TVs, DVD or Blu-Ray players, and other expensive, and easily stolen, items. Using a mark on these items can help police track down stolen goods, hopefully returning them to you.

With the range of dot peen marking units available, you’re sure to find something that will fit your needs, whether that’s a bench unit, handheld, or integrated marking system. Get creative and design your unique mark, and the sky’s the limit!