Allure 2200W Ionic Hair Dryer Review

Allure 2200w Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer
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Whenever you can’t get to a salon, styling you hair can be a hassle. With the right hair dryer, however, you’ll be in a better situation than you would without one – as if that wasn’t obvious enough already. People who have a tough time working with their hair through normal means need things like a hair dryer, because they can’t go to work (or even out in public, in some cases) without drying their hair. Websites like Oomphed will have you looking at many different hair dryers to choose from, but only one is going to be the “right one” for you.


Having an incredibly powerful hair dryer like this one is going to provide you with many different means of styling your hair, and that’s why so many people choose to make the hair dryer a very religious part of their daily routine. With 2200 watts of power packed into this hair dryer, you won’t need to worry about getting enough power to properly dry your hair – all of this is within an ultra-light design as well. The “Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Technology” is being used efficiently here, as it will help you save an abundance of time during those busy mornings. Your hair will dry 80% quicker, and the 2 different speeds (with 3 different heat settings) is a nice touch as well. There is a concentrator nozzle for those problem areas, and the hair dryer itself looks pretty cool all around.


2200 watts of power is a lot of juice, and you won’t really need to worry about your hair being dry when using this particular dryer. Some dryers lack the amount of power needed to efficiently dry a large amount of hair, but that isn’t the case here. Having 3 different heat settings is great for variety, as well as the fact that there are 2 speeds to use. The stylish design just brings everything together, as an ugly looking hair dryer isn’t exactly sought after by anybody. I like the fact that the Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Technology saves me a lot of time, and it does it through the use of breaking up water on your hair quicker than the regular variety of dryer.


All in all, the only con I can find in regards to this hair dryer would be the fact that there isn’t some sort of warrant set in place. I know it doesn’t cost too much money, and replacing it with the same item wouldn’t be that much of a hassle, but having a warranty (even if it’s for one year) always felt nice to me.


I enjoy this hair dryer, so I’m going to use my Allure 2200w Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer until it finally gives up on me – or I finally start getting comfortable with rocking the “wet and frizzy” look.