7 Must-Have Kitchen Countertop Appliances

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If you are remodeling your kitchen, selecting the right appliances may be the most difficult part of the process. There’s no point in having the best-looking kitchen when the appliances you have don’t work as they should. So when it comes to buying appliances, you must consider your kitchen needs as well as your lifestyle. If you’re not a big fan of coffee, for example, a coffee machine may not be the greatest investment. Let’s check out 7 of the most important appliances every modern kitchen should have:


Having a smoothie as often as possible is one of the healthiest habits you can form. Even if you’re not a smoothie enthusiast, chances are your loved ones will appreciate a healthy drink every now and then. Blenders are quite versatile when it comes to the number of things you can put in there. You can turn whole fruits and veggies into a delicious smoothie in a matter of minutes, and get to enjoy the great health benefits of raw foods. One thing you’ll like about blenders is that they don’t cost an arm and a leg—you can get yourself a powerful machine for less than a hundred bucks.

Stand mixers

Whether they’re aware of it or not, every home owner needs a stand mixer. If you do a lot of baking or some other kitchen activity that requires powerful mixing, you will appreciate the help of a quality stand mixer. Truth be told—stand mixers aren’t the cheapest of machines, so if you are put off by the cost, you may at least want to have a hand mixer. Other than cost considerations, there’s no reason why you can’t have both a stand mixer and a hand mixer to serve different purposes in your kitchen. A decent stand mixer will set you back between a hundred and 400 dollars. Just be sure to check out mixer reviews on Mixerpicks or other places so you know beforehand what you’re buying.

Food processors

You will find food processors indispensable in many kitchen processes. Tasks such as chopping, slicing, kneading, blending and pureeing are so much easier with a food processor. “But do I need a food processor if I have a blender?” you may ask. The answer is yes, you do, because a blender’s strength lies in mixing drinks and making smoothies. A food processor, on the other hand, is the right machine for shredding, chopping and slicing your vegetables. Like it is with blenders, you will find quality food processors at pocket-friendly prices.

Slow cookers

For many people, slow cookers are one of the most wonderful kitchen appliances they own. If you’re going to be away from home all day, all you need to do is dump a bunch of ingredients in the cooker, set it and leave it there. When you come back home, your meal will be ready. You can also set your cooker in the night and wake up to a ready-to-devour breakfast. Slow cookers are great for making stews, rice dishes, and other one-pot meals. Slow cookers are very cheap to buy ad also economical to use, and they allow you to make healthier, low-fat meals. There’s hardly a reason why you shouldn’t have one in your kitchen.

Toaster ovens

A toaster oven is a nice little appliance to have, if you can find some spare space on your kitchen countertop. A toaster may not appear like a luxury item when you consider the flexibility it brings to your kitchen. Besides reheating food and making toast, you can use it to bake cakes, pizza, cookies and pies without generating lots of heat in the kitchen. If your entertaining guests over at your house, having a toaster oven means having some more cooking space. The good news is that toasters are cheap to buy and maintain.

Coffee makers

The decision to buy a coffee maker obviously depends on your lifestyle. If you consume copious amounts of coffee every day, it would make sense to go for a drip coffee maker. Drips makers are not only great at producing quality coffee, but also very easy to use. Be sure to buy one with a quality thermal carafe to keep the drink hot for hours without needing to use a hotplate.